Monday, June 27, 2011

little lady bug

1)1 small styro ball 2)1 extra small stryro ball
3)RED paint 4)1 black sheet of fun foam with adhesive back
 5) 1 RED sheet of fun foam with adhesive back ,
6)google eyes,7)black pipe cleaner
. Also you will need but probably have on hand
a serrated knife, scissors,whole punch.

 STEP 1) cut styro ball in half
 Step 2 )paint red ...dabbing works best
painted half .........

Step 3) Draw wings on back of red fun foam & cut

Step 4) Use a whole punch to make 

Now you have your pretty little wings and little black spots.

5) take the paper that covers the adhesive off of your dots and apply to your wings,
next  take the adhesive off of your wing and stick them on your DRY lady bug body

6) paint small ball  red and cut pipe cleaners (7)
6 for the legs and 1 to attach the head.

7) using  a short pipe cleaner poke it in to the end of the body that 
the head would be and then poke the other end into the small ball.

8) Take the 6 legs and poke them into the body

And you have a little lady bug!

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