Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Very easy back to school craft that was a big success and a big HIT ! The kids loved the end result of a crazy twirlable beaded creation !
Things you'll need pencils , beads , jewelry wire ,
 and needle noes pliers... ( not a must but it saves your finger tips from getting sore )

1) feed the wire through the pencil ... there are little holes in top near the eraser .
 This is where you feed the wire into .

2)After you have feed a bit into the eraser wrap a little wire around the silver part to sturdy it and help  it stay just a bit better incase it gets pulled on .

3)dtring your beads 
4)Wrap the last bit of wire down and around your last bead .

5) your pencil bobble is done !

This was a very kid friendly project !


  1. I love your blog Geli. It makes me smile. I will look at a lot cause smiles are always good! :)

  2. Are they actually allowed to use them in school? I hope so, because they're cute!

  3. I know that the kinder room probably woudn't have let them , but i figure there big kids now ! N they should be allowed a cool pencil bobble . lol