Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The key to success when tie dying with kids is PREPARATION . The first reminder I would give is pre-wash your new white-t's . Or use a stained white -t and use the tie dye as a way to turn something old into something new . 

1) Lay out plastic,newspaper or a drop cloth  , we used painters plastic . It clean and easy 

2) Set up a drying rack with labeled hangers . We had a large group so each hanger had the name of each tie dyer !
3) mix your rite dye in squirt bottles 

4) pinch a bit of fabric and tie it up with rubber bands 

                                          5) We had 4 colors pink , orange ,yellow , blue.
Start spraying sections different colors , for a vivid pattern saturate the areas where your rubber bands are
6)Let it dry and take out your rubber bands . Next admire your groovy home made mess free tie dye !


  1. Those are great! Labeling the hangers was genius.

  2. Great idea about the drying rack. :)